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Your design - It's what keeps the users online.

No matter what SEO services you have, if the design is unorganized, cluttered, hard to read, or full of grammatical errors, no one will want to stay logged on. At Green Room Web Design, we vow to not let that happen!

Standard Features

  • ALL navigational pages
  • Traffic alerts
  • Outstanding reliability
  • Contact form
  • Mobile friendly
  • In-browser editing
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easily upload media
  • Homepage slider
  • Privacy policy
  • Tutorials
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Optional Features

  • ECommerce
  • User registration
  • Log on capabilities
  • Additional forms
  • Search bar
  • Custom logo
  • Flyers/business cards
  • Custom or pre-built template
  • SEO editing
  • Newsletter
  • Appointment setter
  • Adding content
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Design Process:

  1. Choose a pre-made template from our template store or choose to have a custom template.
  2. When you sign up, tell us the template you want and what pages you want.
  3. Sit back, relax, and wait for your website!

Features Explained

Drive all of your traffic to your main Web page, then keep them there!

We offer all of the design features you need to not only get users to your website, but to keep them there.


Check out our template store to find a template that is right for you. Can't find one? We can customize one for you.


Our eCommerce system is one of the best in the business.


We can implement a form for users to sign up for your newsletter.