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Your domain name — it's how the online world finds you.

The first thing you need is an effective domain name. Search engines rely on the domain before anything else! Scroll down to learn more.

Choose a domain that reflects you and what you do!

When someone types into a search engine, the first thing the search engine checks is the domain name. So if you sell personalized beer mugs, for an example, try creating a domain such as custommugs.com or mymug.com. That way, you can get more internet traffic!

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When You Sign Up...


Give us your first choice of domain name


Once we settle on one that is available, then it is yours for life!


Pay only $15 per year to keep it!

Domain Features

Just pick out a domain. It's that simple. If it hasn't beed taken, we'll snatch it up for you!


With your domain name, you can sign up for Google Analytics to see the traffic on your site for free!


We can help you find an effective domain if you're having trouble coming up with the perfect name.


For one smaill yearly fee, you get your unique domain for life!


Completely add-free. Unless of course you want to sell ad space on your site.


Check out our other optional features for added security and more!

Transfer Your Domain Name

The Domain Transfer Process:
  1. By using the contant engine on this site or emailing us, give us your current hosting username and password.
  2. Green Room Web Design will take care of the rest!
  3. Please stand by with in case we need more information.
The Domain Transfer Timeline:
  • Domain transfer can vary depending on a number of things such as the current company you are hosting with amungst others.

  • Usually, it takes about one week for a tranfer.